What happens when unemployed man meets company manager and he dont have email.?

What happens when unemployed man meets company manager and he dont have email.?

daajis.com:- An unemployed man applied for a job as a toilet cleaner at a large computer company and made an appointment for an interview with the company's manager. During the interview, the manager told the unemployed: "You have been accepted for the job." 

But we need your email to send you the employment contract and conditions. The unemployed man replied that he did not have an email address and did not have a computer at home. The manager replied, "You don't have a computer, which means you don't exist, and if you don't exist, you can't work for us." The unemployed man came out upset after the doors were closed in his face and he refused. And in his way, he bought everything he had, which was 10 dollars, 10, a kilogram of strawberries, and started knocking on the doors to sell them. 

At the end of the day the man won $ 20. After this, the man realized that the process was not difficult. 

The next day, he began to repeat the operation 3 times, and after a while, the man began to go out early in the morning to buy four times the amount of strawberries. 

The man's income began to increase until he was able to buy a bicycle. After a period of time and hard work, the man was able to buy a truck until he became the owner of a small strawberry business. Five years later, he became the owner of the largest food store. The man began to think about the future until he decided to insure the company with the largest insurance companies. 

In an interview with the employee of the insurance company, the employee said I agree But I need your email to send you the insurance contract. The man replied that he did not have an email and even that he did not have a computer. 

The insurance employee replied surprisingly, you have established the largest food company in five years, and you do not have an e-mail, what would happen if you had an e-mail!! The man replied to him if I had an email five years ago I would now clean toilets in a company! Sometimes God prevents you from doing something that you think is good for you, but almighty hides the best for you, if God closes a door in front of you, he will open another door better than the first, so thank God".


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