Ministry of Telecom leadership relocates to Headquarters for the first time in 27 years

Ministry of Telecom leadership relocates to Headquarters for the first time in 27 years Deputy Prime Minister, H.E. Mahdi Ghuled, has lauded the new leadership of the Ministry of Posts, Telecom and Technology for successfully relocating their offices to the Ministry Headquarters for the first time in 27 years.

Speaking after visiting the Ministry, H.E Ghuled said this decision would not only improve productivity and accountability, but will also boost the morale of staff.

Since 2014, the ministry’s leadership, such as the minister, his deputy and the director general, maintained offices at the premises of the Ministry of Information (MoI), while the rest of staff members have been working at the main building in Bondhere. However, after the necessary arrangements have been completed in the last few months, the temporary offices at MoI premises were officially closed and handed over back to the Ministry of Information.

H.E. Abdi Ashur Hassan, minister for posts, telecom and technology said that the Ministry couldn’t execute its annual plan or deliver credible service to the sector and citizens at large if the leadership and staff members are not working in the same place.
“The relocation of offices back to Ministry HQ and closure of temporary offices show our commitment. We believe that no proper work can be accomplished without the direct involvement and interaction of top management and the staff members,” added the minister.




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