France beat England to win the long-awaited Grand Six Nations title

France beat England to win the long-awaited Grand Six Nations title France won their first Grand Slam title and championship at the Six Nations Championship since 2010 when they beat England 25-13 on Saturday after passing a nerve test in a competition they largely dominated at the Stade de France.

Fabian Galthea’s side showed their brilliance in an exhilarating opening game, although a few passes and poor handling kept England in the game until the hour.

The Blues won through the attempts of Gael Fico, Fran├žois Kroos and Antoine Dupont with the rest of the points from Melvin Jaminette’s shoes to finish the tournament with 25 points, four points ahead of Ireland a year before France hosts the World Cup.

England responded with an attempt by Freddy Steward and kicks from Marcus Smith, but was too limited to pose a real threat as they finished third with 10 points and three defeats.

“Fair play against England they tried to break our defence, but our style and tactics won the game,” France general manager Rafael Ibanez said.

“We need to keep our feet on the ground and there is more to come. We can still improve.”

England captain Courtney Loos believes his team could have done better.

“We are very disappointed, we had their physical fitness but we failed to benefit but that’s on us,” he said. “I thought there were points where we had it, but it wasn’t, we didn’t work out.”

England seemed to annoy the French with annoying kicks behind the defense but full-back Jaminet remained alert.

The French’s set of moves was not initially executed as strikes by Anthony Gillonc, Gael Fico and Romain Ntamak caused an inevitable delay.

However, after 15 minutes, Cameron Wooke equalized with several defenders as France piled pressure close to the goal line, leaving Fico unmarked on the right wing.

Netamak found him with a long pass and Fico relegated to give Blues 8-0. England immediately reduced their arrears with a Smith penalty.

Gamini regained France’s eight-point lead with a routine penalty before hitting one of Smith’s high kicks in the 22nd minute.

But the hosts, flawless in the race, stole the ball again to kill what would have been a rare trying opportunity for England.

France missed another golden opportunity with another kick, this time by Gabin Villiers, then allowed their opponents to narrow the gap with a second penalty kick for Smith.

Just when it looked like momentum could sway England’s way, France came up with a long-range attack that saw the ball swing between Fico, Villier and Netamack, who was stopped near the line only for Kroos’ arm to come out of the rubble and touch. lowest.

Jaminet turned and Galthie led 18-6 in the first half.

England came back from the dressing room with greater ambition and were quickly rewarded when Steward fell from the right after the French defense was repaired in the middle.

But the homeowners remained frightened and struck again when DuPont fired in the middle of the crash and escaped Jimmy George’s tackle to score the third attempt.

Since 2019, DuPont has made 18 attempts in 15 home games, scoring eight and scoring 10.

England refused to give up, approaching the finish with 10 minutes to go, but Alex Dombrandt was stopped as France’s solid defense came to the rescue and ensured the French national team would celebrate the four major slams for the tenth time – a first in the Galthey era.



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