Puntland forces took over Tukaraq area & MPs visited

Puntland forces took over Tukaraq area & MPs visited

daajis.com: - Reports reaching us in the town of Laas=Aanood in the capital of Sool region say that this morning Puntland government troops took over the town after the withdrawal of the Somaliland forces.

The news we received says that at midnight last night, the Somaliland forces withdrew from the Tukaraq area so as not to isolate the area because the local forces fighting in Las-Aanood have taken over most of the road between Tukaraq and Las-Aanood.

The Somaliland forces in Tukarraq last night moved a part of them towards the Gojacadde station, which is 7 km away from Laaaanood town, and the Tukaraq area was spread by a large number of troops who left Garowe town.

Abdi Warsame Qowdhan and Ali Yusuf Ali (Hoosh) members of the People's Assembly visited the positions of the Somaliland Army, saying that the area was taken over peacefully.

The takeover by the Puntland forces of the Tukaraq area in the Sool region comes at a time of intense fighting in the outskirts of Las-Aanood town, between the Somaliland forces and the local people.

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