The first Somalis who were evacuated from SUDAN landed in Mogadishu

The first Somalis who were evacuated from SUDAN landed in Mogadishu The federal government of Somalia today brought the first citizens evacuated from Sudan to Aden Adde airport in Mogadishu.

The 18 citizens were welcomed there by officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somalia.

The citizens who landed today at the Aden Adde airport, the government said that they were evacuated from the border of Sudan with South Sudan, especially the city of Buluja.

Acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somalia Amb. Abdirahman Nur Dinaari, who was part of the officials of Adan Adde airport who welcomed the Somali citizens, said that a special plane led by the Kenyan government was brought from South Sudan.

He also said that the federal government of Somalia is still working to repatriate the Somali people who were affected by the conflict in Sudan.

Around 500 Somali citizens are expected to land at the Aden Adde airport today, which the federal government of Somalia is evacuating from Sudan where a cease-fire has been implemented.

The military forces and the military-trained Dammu Saric or RSF agreed to a 72-hour ceasefire starting Tuesday after mediation by the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Since the start of the war on April 15, the army of Damu Saric has entered the neighborhoods where the people live, and the military has started to target them from above.

However, the war has made the neighborhoods open to war. Bombings and anti-tank weapons killed 459 people and injured about 4,000 others.


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