Angolan President Dismisses Possibility of War between Rwanda and DRC.

Angolan President Dismisses Possibility of War between Rwanda and DRC. In an interview with France 24, Angola’s president Joao Lorenço expressed his hope that his mediation efforts could restore peace in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo. He explained that the M23 rebel group had agreed to uphold the ceasefire that was reached a few weeks ago and that their next step was to be cantoned and disarmed, for which Angola is ready to send 500 troops. However, he stressed the need to speed up the process and that the Congolese authorities were still preparing for the next stage. He also praised Rwanda’s president Paul Kagamé for being helpful in putting Angolan officials in contact with the M23 leadership, showing that he was keen on finding a solution rather than fueling violence.

President Lorenço expressed his deep concern about the escalating violence in Sudan and called for a ceasefire and the urgent search for a long-lasting position. Regarding the war in Ukraine, he distanced himself from Brazilian president Lula da Silva’s claim that Ukraine’s president was as responsible for the war as Russia’s president. He affirmed Angola’s support for preserving the territorial integrity of all countries, including Ukraine, and called for China and the US to work together in finding a solution to the conflict.

Finally, with regards to the accusations of embezzlement of public funds against Isabel Dos Santos, the daughter of former president Eduardo Dos Santos, President Lorenço stated that she had nothing to hide and therefore nothing to fear, and that a red notice for her arrest had been issued by Interpol, but he refused to speculate on whether it would be implemented in the near future.


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