The United States has taken action against the flow of immigrants

The United States has taken action against the flow of immigrants The U.S. Department of Defense said Tuesday it will deploy additional troops to help secure the U.S.-Mexico border.

The decision comes as officials fear a surge in migrants trying to cross the border when travel restrictions related to COVID-19 end on May 11.

About 1,500 soldiers will be deployed to the border, in addition to the 2,500 already there to support border patrol officials.

"For 90 days, these military personnel will fill critical vacancies," Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Pat Ryder said in a statement.

By May 11, President Biden's administration will lift Title 42, President Donald Trump's tough ban to deny entry to immigrants and deport asylum seekers. against COVID-19.

By easing the coronavirus regulations -- including Monday's decision to end the vaccination requirement for people traveling to the United States -- the Biden administration cannot justify Title 42, an immigration control measure.

Instead, the administration plans to crack down on immigrants through the use of Title 8, which criminalizes illegal border crossing, barring those who do so from obtaining legal status in the future.

Washington said it hopes immigrants and asylum seekers will now register for interviews with immigration officials in their home countries, or in countries they pass through before arriving at the border.

The interview must be completed through the new CBP One app.

Also, the United States Department of State announced last week that it is preparing centers to examine the cases of immigrants in the countries -- starting with Colombia and Guatemala.

The countries of Canada and Spain have also agreed to accept some of the immigrants whose cases have been proven in those countries, according to US officials.



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